Five Minute Talks

CSF's popular tradition of a session of 5-minute talks will continue this year! Short talks may be trailers for longer presentations at one of the affiliated workshops, or stand entirely on their own. Work-in progress, provocative ideas, programmatic presentations, and whatever has the potential to stimulate interesting discussions are especially welcome!

Abstracts (in presentation order)

  1. Architectures for Inlining Security Monitors in Web Applications (txt)
    Jonas Magazinius, Daniel Hedin, Andrei Sabelfeld
  2. HyperLTL (txt)
    Michael Clarkson, Masoud Koleini, and Kristopher Micinski
  3. Authenticated Data structures, Generically (txt)
    Michael Hicks, Andrew Miller, Jon Katz, and Elaine Shi
  4. Ballot secrecy and ballot independence coincide (txt) (full paper)
    Ben Smyth and David Bernhard
  5. A Library for Removing Cache-based Attacks in Concurrent Information Flow Systems (txt)
    Pablo Buiras, Deian Stefan, Amit Levy, and David Mazières, Alejandro Russo
  6. Testing Noninterference, Quickly (pdf)
    Catalin Hritcu, John Hughes, Benjamin C. Pierce, Antal Spector-Zabusky, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Arthur Azevedo de Amorim, Leonidas Lampropoulos
  7. How to defend vulnerable security protocols (a visionary approach) (txt)
    Luca Viganò, Maria-Camilla Fiazza, Michele Peroli, Matteo Zavatteri
  8. Discovering Security Guarantees via Program Dependence Graphs (txt)
    Scott Moore
  9. Transforming Eval to Staged Metaprogramming (txt)
    Martin Lester
  10. Helping ProVerif Get Over Its Commitment Issues (txt)
    Tom Clothia
  11. Information Flow Investigations: Extended Abstract (pdf)
    Michael Carl Tschantz, Anupam Datta, and Jeannette M. Wing
  12. What is in a WiFi Access Point Name? (Socio-Technical Threats in Context and Trust) (txt)
    Ana Ferreira, Jean-Louis Huynen, Vincent Koenig, Gabriele Lenzini and, Salvador Rivas
  13. A mechanized semantics of taint analysis (txt)
    Thomas Jensen
  14. When not all bits are equal: incorporating "worth" into information-flow measures (txt)
    Mário S. Alvim, Andre Scedrov, Fred B. Schneider
  15. Compositional Security for Interactive Systems (pdf)
    Willard Rafnsson and Andrei Sabelfeld
  16. Abstract channels, gain functions and the information order (pdf)
    Carroll Morgan and Geoffrey Smith
  17. CacheAudit: A Tool for the Static Analysis of Cache Side Channels (pdf)
    Goran Doychev, Dominik Feld, Boris Köpf, Laurent Mauborgne, and Jan Reineke
  18. A Multi-Role Translation of Protocol Narration into the Spi-Calculus with Correspondence Assertions (txt)
    Eijiro Sumii and Yuji Sato
  19. Towards Language-Based Network Anonymity (txt)
    Aslan Askarov and Stephen Chong